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About STEMera
World’s premier blockchain-ecosystem for Online Technology Education providing E-Learning and Career Advancement platform benefiting Adult Learners/Job Seekers, Hiring Companies and Content Partners.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platform for users to acquire Advanced Technology Skills.

Focusing on E-Learning, Assessment & Certification and Career Placements.

State of Art Machine and Advanced Technological Equipment for Live Training. DNA Fingerprinting authenticates every certificate and has its own unique DNA barcode. Introducing Identity Vitae Blockchain.

Courses are FREE for basic skills (only for short courses) and PAID courses for HybriDegree (long duration with certification).

Collaborate with Content Partners will use their innovative methods/ methodology for e-learning & live training, and are subject to the latest technologies covering the future jobs (demanded by Industries).

STEMera solve the Traditional CVs (which are not authenticated, not trustworthy and old method) replacing it with the newest Identity Vitae Blockchain (records are authenticated and trustable information) to search genuine talents for the jobs.

SUCCESS will be measured by the number of Adult learners/ job seekers completed the FREE/ PAID courses offered. SUCCESS will be measured by achievements from the training outcomes, number of certifications received and number of job placements with the Hiring Companies.


To provide Online Technology Education & Live Learning

To enhance Future Skills & Expertise and create job opportunities for Job Seekers.

To provide talent needs required by Industries/ Hiring Company and solve the skills gap & job mismatch.

To be the World’s Premier Blockchain-Ecosystem for Online Education, Talent Recruitment, Authenticated Examination & Certification

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The world's premier blockchain-ecosystem for Online learning courses, state of the art machines and advance technological equipment.
Build your best future, making STEM accessible to everyone.

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