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Whole Factory in Miniature: Learn Industry 4.0 (mMS 4.0) Scholarship Program

The mMS 4.0 training system – a complete Industry 4.0 system in miniature. The system addresses a real-life cube assembly, from the removal out of a rack to processing with a pressing machine, and through to storage in a high-bay warehouse. Assembled from standard components. Completely interconnected, programmable and extensively secured. Cells can be flexibly added to the system, such as a 6-axis jointed-arm robot. The entire system or individual stations are shipped fully assembled, installed, and programmed.

MIT Academy Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)

Whole Factory in Miniature: Learn Industry 4.0 (mMS 4.0)

PLC Programming for Automation System

Robotics Operation and Programming with Simulation

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