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To participate in STEMera Hybridegree programs and courses, please make sure your computer or mobile device meets the following minimum requirements. Certain programs and tools may have additional requirements. Please view the respective overview page for those details.

Operating System

PC : Windows 7 or higher with the latest updates installed (note: Internet Explorer is not supported).

Mac : OS X 10.11 or higher with latest updates installed.

Linux : Any recent distribution that has the supported browsers installed.

Ubuntu : 17.10+ or 14.04 LTS+.


An up-to-date version of Chrome is strongly recommended.

We also support the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge.

Internet Connectivity

Download : 2+ Mbps recommended; minimum 1 Mbps.

Upload : 0.5 Mbps.


Ability to watch YouTube videos is required. If YouTube is blocked on your network, please contact your IT support or internet provider.

If you do not use the HTML5 player, we recommend Adobe Flash Player v28.

You can find YouTube’s system requirements here.

Google Account

Required for Webcasts, one on one appointments, and exit interviews

Sign up for Google account here.

If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, that same login can be used to access all of Google’s features.


Each course and program has its own specific hardware requirements in terms of processing power, hard drive space and any external hardware. Please refer to the program’s individual overview page for additional info.

Mobile Apps

Coming Soon

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